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D.B. Shayne was born in Lears, Barbados. She was penning short stories and poetry from early teens and her first novel was written by hand in a Nanowrimo challenge (said hand is surprisingly still in use). Her paranormal stories are filled with sexy romance and a dose of drama and suspense; you’ll find hunky, passionate men and sassy women between the pages of her books.

D.B has a diploma in management studies and has won national awards for poetry and essay writing. When she is not writing, she’s reading or lost in her imagination, hunting for future characters and plots to add to her corkboard.

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D.B. Shayne.




“A sexy, suspenseful, lion shifter romance.”

A sweet summer night filled with the promise of passion, quickly turns into a nightmare for lion shifter, Jake Evans and Sabina James. A vengeful relative is on a mission to retrieve a valuable painting in Jake’s possession, even if he has to pry it from his cold, dead hands. 
But Jake has no intentions of backing down and is now faced with a double dose of danger; defending what’s rightfully his at all costs and losing his heart to an irresistible island beauty.

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“Two special agents, one elusive vigilante and a sizzling, forbidden attraction.”

One by one, shifters are turning up dead in Durham City with a note left on their bodies that is as cryptic as the killer’s true motives. Eddie Melinos, paranormal intelligence agent is eager to solve the case and start a new chapter in his life-with a mate.

Dana Teslyk, self-proclaimed rolling stone is not keen on getting a partner but bringing a killer to justice is top priority. As they piece together the mystery clue by clue, a fiery passion ignites that pushes the two agents across a forbidden line; and the trail of the vigilante grows colder by the hour. Can they catch the vengeful culprit and stop the murders from climbing? And is there a future for Dana and Eddie whose deepest desires seem to be completely opposite? 

“This steamy, suspenseful, insta-love short novel, is the finale in the Striped Passions Series”

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